Vector Publications (2010 – ongoing)

Vector Magazine (2005 – 2007)

“Vector – art and culture in context” was an initiative of the Romanian artist Matei Bejenaru and has been developed as a magazine based on an editorial concept of Matei Bejenaru in collaboration with the art theorist Catalin Gheorghe. The four issues (1/2005, 2/2006, 3/2006, 4/2007) were edited by a collaborative team informed by Matei Bejenaru, Catalin Gheorghe, Vlad Morariu and Cristian Nae. The publication participated in: 1. Documenta 12 (Kassel, Germany, 2007) in the frame of documenta 12 magazines, a collective editorial project that connected wideworld 90 publications printed or online, and other media; 2. L’Europe en devenir (part 2), curator: Marius Babias, Project Room: Display-Project, Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris, 11.11 – 30.12.2007; 3. Experience Pommery, L’art Contemporain en Europe, Domaine Pommery, Reims, June 2008 – April 2009; 4. FIAC 2008, Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain, Paris Grand Palais and Cour Carree du Louvre, Paris, 23-26 octombrie 2008; 5. International Contemporary Art Biennial Periferic 8: Art as Gift, Creative Mediation Project, October 2008.

ISSN 1842-8657

Since 2010 Vector magazine became a yearly experimental publication [intentionally left undefined], which is now opened and alternatively conceived as “a book of artistic research”, “a catalogue of critical art”, “an experimental artist’s edition”, “a critical reader” etc.

Vector Studio (2007 – ongoing)

Vector Studio is an experimental educational platform for critical research and art production run by Vector Association in collaboration with the Research Center for Aesthetics and Artistic Research of the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design, “George Enescu” National University of the Arts in Iași (Romania). Activated at the blurred borderline between the academic field and the public sphere, Vector Studio’s practices and debates (involving exhibitions, critical workshops, forums, talks, publications) are encouraging young artists to engage into various kinds of critical interactions with specific contemporary issues and the real public, and also to collaborate with other minds and communities for producing a common social context. Conceived as an artistic critical research project, Vector Studio for art practices and debates is also aiming at investigating the conditions for activating alternative formats of art practices and production and for articulating theoretical propositions to reconsider positions on different regimes of reality, starting from the perspective of an understanding of art as a form of “experimental journalism”. Vector Studio is coordinated by Catalin Gheorghe in collaboration with Dan Acostioaei and Cristian Nae, being opened for other deliberative alliances.

Other Vector Projects

Ways of Using Absence (Art Encounters Biennial, Timisoara, 2017)

Dragoș Alexandrescu. Screening and discussions (Diaspora Week, Iasi, 2016)

PASAJ (1/3 SUBjective City, 2/3 SUBlime Land, 3/3 SUBurban Stories) (FIE, Iasi, 2016)

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