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Cătălin Gheorghe – Learning by curating. Introduction

Beatrice von Bismarck – Learning Relations: Three Perspectives

Leire Vergara – Abcdefg… Curatorial/Knowledge

Steven Henry Madoff – A Curatorial Education: The Praxis of Practice

Dorothee Richter & Ronald Kolb – Curating in Situated Knowledges towards a Democracy to Come

Laura Herman – Still Fresh: Some Thoughts on the Values and Perspectives of Curatorial Studies at KASK & Conservatorium / School of Arts

Anne Szefer Karlsen – Creating Trans-local Communities, or: How to Find a Formal Educational Framework for How You Can Come to the University – and How the University Can Come to You

Trine Friis Sørensen – Imagining and Interpreting: The Connectabilities of MA in Curating at Aarhus University

Geoff Cox, Sofia Victorino, Nayia Yiakoumaki – On Curatorial Education, Collaboration and Decolonial Prospects


After the educational and curatorial turn, as progressive moments in promoting dissociative diversity of pluri-contemporary cultural practices, an urgent problem in reactivating cultural action would be (re)considering the critical trajectories and conditional contexts of curatorial education. Without claiming to outline an analysis para-frame of the new spirit of curatorship that lies in store in the most immediate future, this book proposes instead the crossing of a mediating space of some current visions, perspectives and actions in the field of curatorial studies carried out in higher art education, with a focus on the European context, with a case study as an exception in the American context.

The structure of the authorial contributions is generated around the conception issues of the intersectional singularity of each context of (in)formation and development of the (master, postgraduation or doctoral) curatorial study programme (educational narrative), of policies (frames and trajectories), of curriculum (research actions), of method application (practising modalities) and of project run (as case studies). The presentation of each specific curatorial study programme (rather from the point of view of the philosophy of the curatorial, of the program conception and production than from the perspective of the formal academic pedagogical articulation) is introduced by each author through a personal view of ”curatorial education” (as a contemporary dimension of art education).

“Vector – critical research in context” is an experimental publication [intentionally left undefined] based on an open editorial concept, alternatively applied as “a book of artistic/curatorial research”, “a catalogue of critical art”, “an experimental artist’s edition”, “a critical reader” […].

The book was produced in the framework of the research project “Optimization of research production and dissemination capacity within UNAGE Iasi through the development of the Institute for Multidisciplinary Research in Art” financed by CNFIS (National Council for Financing Higher Education in Romania) through the Institutional Development Fund (code CNFIS-FDI-2022-0352).

Learning by curating. Current trajectories in critical curatorial education

Editor: Cătălin Gheorghe

Authors: Beatrice von Bismarck, [Geoff Cox, Sofia Victorino, Nayia Yiakoumaki], Laura Herman, Anne Szefer Karlsen, Steven Henry Madoff, Dorothee Richter & Ronald Kolb, Trine Friis Sørensen, Leire Vergara

The book is realized through a collaboration between Vector (with the support of “George Enescu” National University of the Arts in Iasi), ICMA (Institute for Multidisciplinary Research in Art) of UNAGE Iași and EARN (European Artistic Research Network), Curatorial Studies WG5, and it is co-published by Artes Publishing House (UNAGE Iasi) and ArtMonitor (University of Gothenburg).

Design: Lavinia German

Bilingual: English / Romanian

154 pages, ISBN: 978-606-547-510-6 (Editura Artes), ISBN (print): 978-91-985172-5-5 and ISBN (pdf): 978-91-985172-4-8 (ArtMonitor), 2022

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