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Cătălin Gheorghe – Editorial. The juridical rewriting of history

Dan Acostioaei – Statement

Dan Acostioaei & Bogdan Grigore – Indictment

Dan Acostioaei & Bogdan Grigore – Sentence

Dan Acostioaei – Drawings

Nebojša Milikić – Q & A

Ovidiu Gherasim-Proca – Nicolae Ceaușescu in front of ”People’s Court”. The meaning of the last political trial from the period of the communist dictatorship

Ionuț Tudor – The Revolution as a State of Exception and the Trial as Pure Violence

Costi Rogozanu – The Golden Weigher

Iulia Popovici – The Failed Theatrical Performance of Revolutionary Legitimacy

Bogdan Teodorescu – Images of a Revolution

Maria Alina Asavei – The Politics of Memory: the Hero, the Monster and the “Rule of Law”

Vasile Ernu – The Swan Song of Romania or the Recent History Told to Nicolae Ceauşescu

Cristian Nae – In the name of the public sphere. Notes on the usage of the trial in contemporary artistic research


This edition of “Vector – critical research in context” was conceived as an artist’s book based on an extended project by Dan Acostioaei and exhibited as an art installation between 13.10 – 11.11.2012 in the exhibition series of the Förderverein Aktuelle Kunst Münster, curated by Olivia Fuhrich, Elena Höckmann, Anna Katz and Marijke Lukowicz.

Vector – critical research in context. Trial

An artist’s book by Dan Acostioaei

Edited by Cătălin Gheorghe

Authors: Dan Acostioaei, Bogdan Grigore, Nebojša Milikić, Ovidiu Gherasim-Proca, Ionuț Tudor, Costi Rogozanu, Iulia Popovici, Bogdan Teodorescu, Maria Alina Asavei, Vasile Ernu, Cristian Nae

Published by “George Enescu” National University of the Arts in Iași & Vector Association

Artes Publishing House, Iași, 2012

With the financial support of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund (Romania) and Förderverein Aktuelle Kunst, Münster

Design: Lavinia German

Bilingual: English / Romanian