Sânziana Ceteraș
Posthuman Generated Poems

Curator: Cătălin Gheorghe

Aparte Project Space, Faculty of Visual Arts and Design, Iași, December 2015

A project produced by Vector Studio in partnership with the Center for Contemporary Photography from Iași and UNAGE as part of Carte Blanche aux Jeunes Créateurs programme financially supported by Institut Français in Iaşi.

Sânziana Ceteraș: Posthuman Generated Poems

Curatorial argument:

Based on software for computer generated poetry, the works of Sânziana Ceteraş, presented in the exhibition installation, intuitively combine photography, video and text in order to create a number of visual poems that talk about light and sound, about the decay of dreaming, about the contradiction of art, about the creativity of machines, about consciousness and awareness.

The relationship between programmer (the artist inputting keywords) and author (software called Racter, short for raconteur) is at once intimate and cold, familiar and alienated. The texts appear to be sober, but they have humour, they are seductive, but distant. The phrases are accurate and coherent, and the regular and irregular verbs are conjugated according to the directives of syntax.

The algorithm for creating poems does not develop according to an expression of the artificial intelligence of the computer, but in relation to the artistic imagination that relates to the way the machine synthesizes. In the video-textual space of the encounter between man and machine, minimal moments of post-human poetry are created.

Sânziana Ceteraş is a graduate of the MA course in Photography and Video Art at the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design of the “George Enescu” National University of the Arts in Iasi.

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