Luminița Apostu, Delia Bulgaru, Anca Ștefănică
Table Talk

Curators: Dan Acostioaei and Cătălin Gheorghe

Aparte Project Space, Faculty of Visual Arts and Design, Iași, February 2008

An exhibition realized within the program carried out by Vector Studio in partnership with the Research Center for Aesthetics and Artistic Research of UNAGE.

Luminița Apostu, Delia Bulgaru, Anca Ștefănică: Table Talk

Curatorial argument:

“Table Talk” proposed a participatory installation based on a description of the counter-scenario of an intellectualizing discourse on contemporary art education. An archive of interviews, video recordings and conference speeches, displayed in a cluster of screens and speakers fitted on the walls simulated an alternative space for discussion in which philosophers and art theorists overlapped their ideas in a polyphonic trans-narrative. Suggesting students to participate in a creative way, the debate around the table required a personal intervention from the audience in this type of collective discourse, in view of ​​editing, through inserts similar to notebooks and artistic interventions, this time magnified, a collaborative art handbook. Center for Aesthetics and Artistic Research of UNAGE“George Enescu” National University of the Arts