Andrei Nacu

Curators: Cătălin Gheorghe and Cristian Nae

Aparte Project Space, Faculty of Visual Arts and Design, Iași, October 2010

A project produced by Vector Studio in partnership with UNAGE as part of Carte Blanche aux Jeunes Créateurs programme financially supported by Institut Français in Iaşi.

Andrei Nacu: Odeta

Curatorial argument:

The “Odeta” project involved a conceptualization and a photo-textual illustration of an artistic and psycho-social experiment through which the artist attempted, in a relatively short time interval, to win a person’s trust and gain access to random events in their life, in order to capture intimate moments and emotions in a period of changes. Images communicate through moments, states, objects and encounters, so that the visual “observations” and textual “annotations” project an intimate portrait. The black-and-white photographs accompanied by simple texts, briefly describing Odeta’s life sequences, assembled in diptych-type modules, document, in a poetic fashion, the apparent neutrality, but also the real charm of the way life unfolds for any of us. Similar to browsing the sequential frames of a found diary, the exhibition reflects mixed expressions of loneliness, solidarity, affection, preferences, mourning work and the small pleasures of ordinary life.

Andrei Nacu (b. 1984) lives and works in Iasi/Romania and London/U.K. In his artistic practice he uses documentary photography, family albums and photographic archives in order to create projects that analyze the intersection between personal memory and social history. His work includes video, installation and performance, focusing on representation politics and media archaeology. He has studied photography at the University of Wales, Newport, U.K. and at the “George Enescu” University of the Arts, Iasi.

Institut Francais“George Enescu” National University of the Arts