Vector>’s projects and programmes − from exhibitional and educational programmes to research and publishing positionings − are configured for conceiving a divergent understanding of the functioning of power relationships between the pluriversal art practices and diverse socio-political local/international contexts. The cultural actions of Vector> Association are designed in the idea to contribute to a re-questioning of the status of the artist and the art institutions in the transforming society, producing those artistic circumstances related to the understanding of factual realities from a critical and imaginative perspective. Vector>’s cultural and organizational elaborations are based on practices of contextualization (through research), networking (through collaborations and alliances), education (through participative initiatives), production (through exhibitions-making and public art interventions), organizing residencies, authoring and editing publications, lecturing and archiving. Vector> defines its projects as being critical, experimental, participative, investigative, situational, contextual, educational, intending to continue to produce a processual series of practices generating issues, objects, facts, events, ideas, transformations, networks, and (trans)positions.

Vector Association is an artists & curators non-profit, non-governmental organization, initiated in Iași (Romania), in 2001, by the artist Matei Bejenaru. The association developed a series of projects and programmes as Periferic Biennial (2003-2008), cARTier ‘social culture’ project (2004-2007), Vector Gallery (2003-2007), Vector Art Data Bank (2004-2007), Vector Magazine (2005-2007), Vector Residencies [Backyard Residency (2006-2007) and Accented Residency (2009-2010)], Vector Partnership in ENPAP – European Network of Public Art Producers (2009-2012), Vector Year on the Road (2010-2011) [Critical Point (Frieze Projects, London, 2010), Vector Association at Western Front (Vancouver, 2011), Vector Association at Projects & Spaces (Vienna Art Fair, 2011), Critical Alienated Works (Preview Berlin, 2011)] and is involved, in partnership with other local organizations (Centre for Contemporary Photography,, Compania FaPt, ARTES Association), in the development of the International Centre for Contemporary Art – Turkish Bath in Iași (a public institution of the City of Iași), that will be opened in 2021. Current projects developed by Vector are Vector Publications (2010 – ongoing), publishing “Vector – critical research in context” book series, Vector Studio (2007 – ongoing), conceived by Catalin Gheorghe as a platform for critical research and art production based on the understanding of art as experimental journalism, being run in collaboration with Dan Acostioaei and Cristian Nae with the support of “George Enescu” National University of the Arts in Iasi; APSIS Platform (Art in the Public Space of Iasi), conceived by Dan Acostioaei with the intention to collaboratively produce artworks in public space; and “Ecologies of thinking”, conceived by Cristian Nae with the intention to organize residencies, debates, publications and communitarian art projects.